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  121.A year later,with the nation‘s economy ________, Bush’s approval rating dropped below 40 percent.

  A. in power B. in trouble C. in hand D. in part

  122.There is the appreciation of the salient historical truth ________ the aging of advanced societies has been a sudden change.

  A. which B. what C. that D. how

  123.Robots differ from automatic machines ________ after completion of one specific task,they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.

  A. in case B. in that C. in which D. in time

  124.Basically,these attitudes amount to a belief ________ leisure can and should be put to good use.

  A. which B. that C. what D. how

  125.The professor worked for 7 hours at a ________.

  A. stretch B. extend C. expand D. prolong

  126.If an earthquake occurred,some of the one-storey houses ________.

  A. might be left stand B. might leave to be standing C. might be left to stand D. might be left standing

  127.________, he had no time to rest.

  A. As he was tired B. If he was tired C. Tired as he was D. Now that he was tired

  128.Since we have a focused subject, we should not talk ________.

  A. at once B. at hand C. at intervals D. at random

  129.Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter ______ he really needs is encouragement?

  A. when that B. since that C. when what D. now that

  130.The doctors are ________ about the guidelines under which they can carry out euthanasia.

  A. at a stretch B. at a loss C. at random D. at length

  131.With such a poor score in the entrance exam, it‘s ________ impossible for him to be admitted to this university.

  A. roughly B. absolutely C. fully D. exclusively

  132.We promise that we‘ll meet again after we _______ our college education in three years’ time.

  A. finish B. will finish C. finished D. will have finished

  133.Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders _______ will happen to his family life.

  A. it B. that C. what D. this

  134.Never before _______ so rapidly developing as it is today.

  A. has our country been B. our country has been C. has been our country D. our country hasn‘t been

  135.Is it Shakespeare Theatre _______ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice?

  A. where B. that C. which D. as

  136.He would have given you more help, if he ________ so busy.

  A. have not been B. had not been C. not have been D. not had been

  137.After months of voyage, Columbus arrived in ______ later proved to be a new continent.

  A. where B. which C. what D. that

  138.I was really anxious about you. You ______ home without a word.

  A. mustn‘t leave B. shouldn’t have left C. couldn‘t have left D. needn’t leave

  139.He was ______ to withdraw from running for the presidency.

  A. trusted B. credited C. convinced D. believed

  140.While _____ the book, he nodded from time to time.

  A. reading B. read C. is reading D. is read

  141.The meeting _____ next week will be of great importance.

  A. to be held B. held C. holding D. is held

  142.Look at this group of people ______ beach volleyball.

  A. played B. is played C. playing D. is playing

  143.Very few people understood this contract, ______ was very obscure.

  A. the language B. the language of which C. all it said D. which it had said

  144.______ a little earlier, I would have caught the train.

  A. Did I leave B. Would I leave C. Had I left D. Have I left

  145.I wished it ______ but it did.

  A. had not occurred B. occurred not C. did not occur D. would not occur

  146.Two-thirds of his property ______ lost in the fire.

  A. was B. were C. are D. have been

  147.Charles Smith, ______ was my former teacher, retired last year.

  A. which B. who C. that D. as

  148.Sarah hopes to become a friend of ______ shares her interests.

  A. anyone B. whomever C. whoever D. no matter who

  149.It is difficult to ________ the implication between the lines.

  A. get to B. get with C. get at D. get down

  150.The volleyball match was televised ________ on CCTV.

  A. alive B. life C. live D. lively

  151.The central theatre has a seating ________ of more than 3, 000 people.

  A. capability B. capacity C. ability D. facility

  152.The furniture in her bedroom is quite different from ________ in the living room.

  A. that B. it C. one D. which

  153.Because of the bad weather, the sports meet had to be ________.

  A. shut down B. done away C. taken off D. called off

  154.Jenny complained that the hospital ________ her too much for the treatment.

  A. expended B. paid C. cost D. charged

  155.Having decided to rent a flat, we ________ contacting housing agencies in the city.

  A. set about B. set down C. set out D. set up

  156.The book fair has received a positive ________ from readers.

  A. result B. response C. settlement D. solution

  157.If the operation ________ carefully prepared, it would not have been successful.

  A. was not B. has not been C. had not been D. were not

  158.It makes good ________ to bring an umbrella; it seems to be raining today.

  A. sense B. reason C. suggestion D. advice

  159.If you are too ________ of your children, they will never learn to deal with difficulties in life.

  A. respective B. detective C. protective D. effective

  160.His intelligence will ________ him to get a scholarship to college.

  A. enable B. persuade C. suggest D. employ


  121.正确答案:B答案解析:in trouble:陷入困境。由于经济陷入困境,所以支持率下降了很多,符合句意。


  123.正确答案:B答案解析:in that意思是:在于,因为。解释differ from automatic machines的具体方面。


  125.正确答案:A答案解析:此题考查的是固定词组搭配。at a stretch一口气地。

  126.正确答案:D答案解析:be left……:被置于……的境地。它是leave sth……的被动式。standing:站立的,固定的,直立的。be left加形容词是常用的一种表达方式。


  128.正确答案:D答案解析:译文:既然我们已经有了命题,我们就不应漫无边际地交谈。此题考查对固定短语的掌握情况。at once立刻;at hand在附近,在手头,即将发生;at intervals间或,不时;at random随便,任意。

  129.正确答案:C答案解析:译文:当他真正需要鼓励时,你为什么责备他的拙劣判断。此题考查准确判断句子结构。when引导时间状语从句,what he really needs充当这个时间状语从句的主语。






  135.正确答案:A答案解析:where引导的定语从句修饰先行词Shakespeare Theatre.此处并非强调结构,将Is it去掉后,可以看出,这个句子缺少介词,所以,如果在原句中Shakespeare Theatre的前面加上介词in或at,则成为强调句。


  137.正确答案:C答案解析:注意,本句话并非定语从句,而是宾语从句。因为在介词in 后面,应该用what引导的宾语从句,what在宾语从句中作主语。






  143.正确答案:B答案解析:the language of which引导非限定性定语从句,并在定语从句中做主语。句意为:没有几个人懂这份合同,合同的用词含糊不清。




  147.正确答案:B答案解析:that不能引导非限制性定语从句, 可以用which和who引导, 其中, who代替的先行词是人。句意为:查理?史密斯去年退休了, 他曾经是我的老师。

  148.正确答案:C答案解析:本题句子的意思是:Sarah希望跟自己有共同爱好的人交朋友。疑问词+ever引导的名词性从句与no matter+疑问词引导的从句的区别是:前者既可以引导名词性从句也可以引导让步状语从句;后者只能引导让步状语从句。首先排除A和D, 从句中需要的是主语, 所以whomever也不行。


  [试题分析]短语意义区分题。[详细解答] A 开始,接触 C 找出,理解 D 下来,写(记)下来


  [试题分析]词义选择题。[详细解答]A 活的,活跃的  B 生活,生命C 以现场直播方式 D 活跃的,热烈的


  [试题分析]词义选择题。[详细解答] A (实际)能力,才能,性能例:No one doubts her capability for the job. 没人怀疑她担任这一职务的能力。

  B 能力,容量,容积 capacity后常接 of doing sth.

  例:The fuel tank has a capacity of 12 gallons. 这个燃料箱的容量为12加仑。

  The elevator‘s capacity is thirteen. 这部电梯乘载13人。

  C 能力,技能,才智 ability 后常接 to do sth.

  例:She has got a remarkable ability to get things done.在办事方面,她显示了非凡的能力。

  D 能力,才干,方便,设施 较正式用法,后常接 in, with.

  例:his facility in/with languages 他的语言才能


  [试题分析]代词选择题。[详细解答]选择指示代词that 代替家具,避免重复。家具是不可数名词。


  [试题分析]短语意义区分题。[详细解答]A 关闭,停业 B 废除,终止(与with连用) C 离开,起飞 D 取消


  [试题分析]词义选择题。[详细解答]A 花费 B 付款 C 费用 D 收费


  [试题分析]短语意义区分题。[详细解答]A 着手,开始做 B 制定,放下,记下 C 出发,动身 D 建立,提出


  [试题分析]词义选择题。[详细解答]A 结果,效果 B 反应,回答 C 解决,协议 D 解决,解答


  [试题分析] 语法题:虚拟语气。[详细解答] 与过去的事实相违背


  [试题分析] 短语意义区分题。[详细解答] A . to make (good) sense 很有意义、合乎情理的、明智的

  B 原因 C 建议 D 劝告


  [试题分析]词义区分题。[详细解答] A 个别的、各自的 B侦探 C 保护的、防护的 D 有效的

  160.正确答案:A答案解析:[译文] 他的聪明才智将使他获得大学奖学金。

  [试题分析]动词词义选择题。[详细解答] A 使能够、使可能 B 说服、劝说 C 建议、提议 D 雇佣


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